MarketLinc helps you capture up to 20% more revenue from existing site traffic. Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses that want to increase online revenue, the MarketLinc Intelligent Visitor Engagement Solution enables customers to successfully convert online visitors that require more than a digital only experience with proactive, real-time live sales assistance. Our turnkey, managed service helps you convert revenue lost into revenue lift – with no upfront budget or additional resources required. Best of all, you pay only for the incremental revenue we generate, nothing more. That’s our guarantee.


Advisory Board

Steve Johnson

Investor, board member, operator and software executive. Experienced in rapid growth companies, enterprise sales management, consumer software adoption, start-up, mature and turn around software companies.  Currently COO at Vidyard.

Eric Patel

Eric is a board director and growth company consultant with over 35 years of experience spanning a variety of industries in Canada, Europe and the US. Eric consults to North American growth companies across a variety of industries ranging from software to natural foods, and has held positions ranging from strategy consultant to finance and operational roles in companies in the retail, industrial and consumer products industries.

We believe in the way work should be

Employees describe MarketLinc as an open, trusting, virtual environment where opinions and ideas are valued and everyone is empowered to succeed. We believe in a collaborative and flexible working culture that has embraced human connections with empowering technology. We have fun and support one another to achieve top results in our march to humanize the customer experience in the digital commerce industry.

Our future is bright

MarketLinc is a mature company with a solid foundation, long history, and deep roots. But we continue to innovate and our vision for how we plan to elevate the Digital Commerce industry is clear. Our managed service is unique, bringing a high level of appreciation from our clients for what we do. We have the best team in the world; our people are driven, intelligent, and fully invested in their roles. It’s both awesome and rewarding to sincerely enjoy the people you work with because they constantly teach you something new and inspire you to put forth your own best effort.

We are a meritocracy that values input at every level

Individual talent and ability is highly valued and rewarded. People choose to work at MarketLinc because of the opportunity to be a true contributor toward the design, development, and delivery of an innovative business solution. Everyone has the right to express their opinions and is encouraged to share them openly and often. Those opinions are listened to and decisions are then made based on those that are deemed the best. Employees can forge their own path to leadership, not simply by working hard and smart, but also by expressing unique ideas that have the ability to positively impact their team and their company. In a meritocracy, great leadership is not always about having great ideas; it is about ensuring the best ideas emerge.

We create high value moments

Our daily interactions both internally and with our clients are derived from our four core values of professionalism, dedication, innovation, and integrity. These values are the foundation of our culture and have helped sustain our success as an organization. We rely on honesty and transparency to uphold business standards and achieve performance goals. We encourage individual accountability without micro-managing, instead providing coaching and advice throughout project lifecycles. When you need support, it’s there.

We lead the path with remote employment

Work is what we do, not where we go.  MarketLinc is a 100% virtual company, which means you can live and work from anywhere, provided you have a dedicated workspace with a reliable internet connection. We believe in a collaborative and flexible working culture that has embraced all of the empowering technology and operational process to achieve this flexibility. Our teams are distributed throughout the world but are highly coordinated and the human connection remains strong.

Convert revenue loss into revenue lift with
Intelligent Visitor Engagement