Discover how it works to identify, engage and convert high value visitors into buyers to drive up to 20% more revenue for your eCommerce business.

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Advanced Visitor Identification

Zero in on high-value, underserved visitors who can be profitably engaged and converted into buyers

  • Sophisticated tracking captures 100’s of profile and behavior attributes to create comprehensive, dynamic and data-rich visitor profiles – in real time
  • Advanced analytics predict propensity to buy, when help is needed, and generate an incremental revenue forecast to identify which visitors can be profitably engaged
  • Digital body language triggers proactive sales assistance at critical points in the visitor’s buying journey before they leave your website


Real-time Digital Engagement

Proactively engage visitors at the right time with personalized and contextual messages

  • Accurately personalize chat invitations and determine when, where and how to engage visitors in real time with deep segmentation and dynamic visitor profiles
  • Tailor your messages, imagery and engagement rules for each visitor segment based on the campaign and where the visitor is in their purchase journey
  • Deliver highly personalized, contextualized digital experiences for your visitors


Live Sales Engagement

Efficiently deliver personalized help with live sales assistance designed to convert visitors into paying customers

  • Deliver real-time chat or phone assistance with highly-skilled, expert sales agents trained to close the sale, maximize revenue per visitor and ensure a great experience
  • Multi-mode engagement enables agents to seamlessly shift from chat to phone based on visitor preference
  • Real-time information about visitor interests and behaviors enables sales agents to tailor their sales approach and personalize offers to deliver a customer-centric sales experience
  • Assisted, secure check-out option makes the point of purchase easy


Performance Optimization

Continuously optimize engagement strategies and maximize revenue with real-time tracking of engagement performance at a micro-segmentation level

  • Sophisticated, real-time multivariate testing drives continuous optimization of the best opportunities to maximize engagement offer acceptance
  • Control group methodology validates the attributable revenue lift
  • Accurate performance attribution reporting – verified by PwC – is fundamental to our trusted pay for performance model

“MarketLinc offers solutions above and beyond any of the competitors we looked at in this space. We’ve been very pleased with our conversion metrics. I would recommend MarketLinc to other colleagues in this space, and I’ve done so on a few occasions already.”Julie Toman,VP, North American Online Sales

Discover the Power of Intelligent Visitor Engagement

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Serving the Underserved: Recovering Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement.

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Discover how Symantec increased revenue by over 13% with the MarketLinc Intelligent Visitor Engagement Solution.

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