H2H Digital Engagement

H2H Digital Engagement

MarketLinc ensures that the digital experience is as personalized as possible


Personalization begins with deep segmentation

MarketLinc uses advanced predictive analytics to segment, customize, and optimize engagement strategies for each micro-segment, enabling individualized digital experiences for each of your visitors.


Thousands of ways to offer assistance

The H2H Digital Optimization Team generates incremental revenue by enhancing the Customer Experience (CX) for visitors with lingering doubts with personalized digital content delivered in real time.


Optimize with A/B testing and multi-variate testing for positive revenue results

Optimization is layered throughout the MarketLinc solution. We leverage A/B testing to measure the impact of specific variables on interactions, as well as multi-variate testing for a higher number of variables. The data from each variation is compared to find not only the most successful design, but also to potentially reveal which elements have the greatest positive or negative impact on visitor revenue and loyalty.


Segmented control group methodology

Life in the world of ecommerce is constantly changing. True measurement of the impact of Human-to-Human Engagement requires the ability to compare to the digital only experience to the Human-to-Human in real time. The H2H Intelligent Digital Engagement Engine randomly splits visitor in each segment into a control or test group so that revenue per visitor can be compared in real time.

Create revenue with human engagement