H2H Live Engagement

H2H Live Engagement

MarketLinc enables personalized human experiences using proactive real-time chat-to-phone engagement with live sales agents when shoppers need it


Aligned 1:1 Conversations

Armed with real-time information about website visitors interests and behaviors, our elite sales team uses customer-centric selling in the customers preferred channel (chat or phone) to align in real-time to customers and inspire purchase & loyalty resulting in higher CSAT, NPS and CES scores.


Best fit intelligent pointing

Some customer questions are just harder than others. H2H Intelligent Human Engagement Engine knows where the difficult questions are coming from and selects agents with the best skills to help those visitors. The result is a great customer experience and increase in revenue per visitor (RPV). We turn online visitors into loyal customer who bond with your brand. The right message, the right look in the right place at the right time.


Assisted secure checkout

Whether it is shopping fatigue, technical obstacles or just preference, some shoppers just want it done for them. After helping customers overcome purchase decision obstacles, we take it one step further and make the point of purchase easy. Our co-browse enabled secure checkout ensures we convert more visitors at a higher AOV and increase revenue per visitor.

Create revenue with human engagement