The Untold Truth About Marketing Automation

What Marketo, HubSpot and Eloqua aren’t telling you. Automated marketing funnels and eCommerce operations are a vast improvement over the time- and resource-intensive outbound marketing methods of yesteryear. So it’s no wonder that companies are racing to see which new technologies they can add and optimize in hopes of acquiring new audiences before the competition, while simultaneously lowering operating costs.

But overemphasizing marketing technologies at the expense of human interaction drives customers further from your brand instead of bringing them closer.

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ECommerce Marketers: Stop training bad behavior in your customers

At its essence, an eCommerce business must create the best possible shopping experience for the consumer while, at the same time, increase revenue for the business. ECommerce Marketers are looking for every possible solution to achieve these sometimes unparalleled goals. One solution is costing them revenue and training for bad customer behavior.

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